HTE Hair Transplantation Clinic in Antalya, Turkey

With HTE Clinic, every transplant is performed at a top class full service private hospital in Antalya, Turkey. This gives our patients a number of unique and exclusive advantages, which ultimately translate into a more comfortable stay and significantly better results. Our certified and accredited clinic is proud to offer you world-class service and patient care.

Sterile Operating Rooms

At HTE Clinic, every hair transplantation procedure is done at a sterile, professionally equipped operating room at the hospital. Every member of the staff carefully scrubs in before entering the operating room and wears special protective wear during the entire procedure. For the duration of the transplant, patients are comfortable positioned on specially designed beds, which give the team proper access to the patient's scalp. Highly sterile environment and top-of-the-line equipment give you a safe and comfortable experience and unrivalled results.

Comfortable Patient Suites

Following the transplant, patients recover at one of our private patient rooms. The suites are equipped with everything you need to comfortably rest after the procedure. A nurse is on call 24 hours a day - just another advantage of a transplant at a full service hospital. We can continuously make sure that our patients are comfortable and resting in the right position to guarantee the best results.

Licensed and Certified Clinic

With so many questionable hair clinics appearing around Turkey, we offer you a safe and fully licensed environment, which fully meets the requirements recently set forth by the Ministry of Health. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind and the level of safety, which cannot be matched by grey clinics and rock bottom pricing.

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