Advanced Scarless Hair Transplantation

At HTE Hair Clinic, we carry out hair transplantation using the acclaimed Advanced FUE method. Coupled with the use of the Choi Implater Pen, these procedures produce natural-looking, lifelong results and no negative after-effects — this means no scars, no long-term wounds or bald spots in donor zones. Recovery is much quicker than with other restoration methods and overall a higher percentage of grafts survive the procedure and produce healthy hairs. Read below about the important stages of hair transplantation.

What is Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction?

Stage One: Consultation and Preparation

hair transplant principles

During the first phase of hair transplantation, a patient has a through talk with one of our highly experienced hair transplantation specialists. The surgeon and the patient agree on the new borders of the hairline and the density. The specialist explains the limitations the procedure and proposes a transplantation plan, which involves a hair density target. Patient's hair is then trimmed at the hospital to allow for access to the donor area at the back of the head. Certified nurses at the hospital administer local anaesthesia to eliminate any pain and discomfort during the procedure. The patient is positioned comfortably on a special bed.

Stage Two: Graft Harvesting

hair graft extraction

During this stage, our leading hair transplantation surgeon harvests hair follicles, known as grafts, from the back and the sides of the patient's head. In order to optimise this stage, the doctor uses an instrument called the micro-motor. This allows for a quicker and less painful graft harvesting phase. Harvested grafts are immediately placed in a special platelet-rich plasma solution to minimise the risk of the follicles dying. This unique stage greatly improves the results of the procedure at our clinic as compared to other hair transplantation centres. The main risk involved during this stage is over-grafting, which means depleting the donor zones to such extent that bald spots remain after the transplant. This is why it is very important to cap the total number of transplanted follicles individually for every patient.

Stage Three: Planting the Grafts

hair graft implantation

After a short lunch break, the most crucial stage of hair transplantation begins. One by one, our hair transplantation specialists plant the harvested grafts into the recipient zones on the patient's head. Implantation is done using the Choi Implanter Pen, a new generation of hair restoration instruments. Grafts come in different forms - some are single hair grafts, some are double or even triple hair grafts. For the most natural results, our surgeons use single hair grafts to firm the patient's new hairline. Hair follicles with a larger number of hairs are generally used to increase density in other areas. During this stage, the experience of the operating specialist is very important, as this stage determines just how natural the patient's new hair will look in the future.

Stage Four: Post-op and Recovery

hair transplant results

After the transplant, patients are resting in our deluxe patient rooms. It is important to sleep in a correct position, which is why every patient is provided with a special pillow. The next morning, our specialists will inspect your head to make sure that the recovery is going well. You are continuously under a watchful eye of our certified nurses, so the moment you feel any discomfort or pain, our staff will take care of it. Before you leave, you will receive a complementary set of hair care products. Finally, our staff will assist you during the first hair wash and show you how to take care of the transplanted hair.

After Transplant Care

Every patient is assisted by our professional consultants, also after your transplant. You always have access to answers and help.

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